How Much is Your Home Worth?


Bet you didn’t know that selling your home means you have to prove it’s value to three critical parties to the transaction – the buyer’s agent, the buyer, and the lender. So just because your neighbors house, which is similar to yours, is on the market at a certain price does not mean that you should price your home at that same price.

So, how do you figure out how much your home is worth? Well, there’s the internet where nearly 90% of buyers and sellers go when considering a home sale or purchase. The internet is a great place to start the research but don’t count on accuracy when it comes to those estimated value calculations. In Texas, the most critical element of calculating the potential value of your home – the sold price of similar homes – is not made public. This means that most of the time those internet models are not accurate.

In most cases, an experienced local real estate agent, like myself, is the best resource for determining what you could sell your home for because I have access to sold comparables through the Multiple Listing Service.



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